Financial Projection Software that Grows with Your SaaS Business
Ditch the spreadsheet and easily project, manage, report, and scale your financials using software built specifically for your SaaS business.
Income Statement UI
Your Business Goals Are Too Big for A Spreadsheet
Our financial projection software is built to ensure you can accurately manage your ever-changing financials, project multiple scenarios for your growing business, and quickly pull key metrics in beautiful, easy to digest reports.
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Easily create contract templates, manage employee compensation records, and more, all in one place
Keep projections accurate by making it easier to manage income statements, balance sheets, cash flows, and more
Grow your financial data alongside your business without having to worry about massive Excel files or multiple versions
Run reports based on multiple scenarios 
and easily share with stakeholders and team members
Integrate with Quickbooks
Pull in your actuals and easily manage monthly close with our out-of-the-box integration
Your Spreadsheet Can't Do This
See the power of SaaS Proforma's financial projection software in action.
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Add Financial Projection Software to Your Onboarding Suite
Provide a strong financial start for your portfolio companies, and keep a universal eye on all of your companies’ financials in one comprehensive dashboard.
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Accounting Firms
Help your SaaS Clients Achieve Their Goals
Become a critical strategic partner for your SaaS clients as you provide made-for-SaaS financial projection software that will set them up for success.
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Ready to Ditch the Spreadsheet?
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