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SaaS Proforma was built by SaaS entrepreneurs, for SaaS entrepreneurs. After decades of entrepreneurship and multiple businesses created, launched, and sold, you could say we know a thing or two about the roller coaster ride that is launching and running a SaaS company. And even with the vast differences in each of our entrepreneurial efforts, we always came across the same issue at each company: Why are we building these businesses that mean so much to us based on a convoluted, overstuffed Excel spreadsheet?

We want to simplify and streamline the financial projection process for SaaS companies at every stage of growth. We want to give entrepreneurs an easy way to project their financials for multiple years and multiple scenarios, without worrying about ruining a spreadsheet with one simple mistype. We want to make keeping balance sheets, running reports, and managing monthly close as quick and easy as possible, so you can get back to building your business, not managing your spreadsheet.
Because your business relies on accurate, accessible, and adaptable financial projections.
Our Story
SaaS Proforma was developed by seasoned SaaS professionals that lived the common struggle of maintaining an accurate and insightful business proforma with each new venture.
Our Vision
To make the creation and management of financial projections for a SaaS company easier, more accurate, and more cost effective–so you can grow your business with confidence.
Our Technology
It’s time to stop building your business on a static spreadsheet. SaaS Proforma is built on the latest cloud technologies to finally bring a true product approach to this common SaaS problem.
Who We Work With
We help entrepreneurs with businesses at any stage of growth ditch the massive spreadsheet and easily manage their financial projections.
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Incubators & studios
We partner with tech incubators and venture studios to help them enable their portfolio companies to own their financials and yield profitable investments.
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Accounting Firms
We partner with accounting firms to help them provide specialized tools to their SaaS clients that have their specific business goals in mind.
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