Why We're Doing a Free Public Beta (Right Now) for SaaS Proforma

March 25, 2020

TL;DR: We’re doing a free public Beta of our financial projection software to help entrepreneurs stay nimble in these tough times. If this is something you could use right now, sign up to get started here.

These are strange times, and if I can speak candidly (which, I feel we’ve all earned the right to let our humanity show at a time like this), it’s been a strange time to be at SaaS Proforma, where we’ve been working hard to finalize our product and ready it for Beta. Our plan was to begin Beta testing at the end of March, run a 2-month Beta, then do our GA launch early in the summer.

Now more than ever, we all know why we have a saying about the “best laid plans”...

Our team’s topic of conversation has shifted over the past couple of weeks from “what should we do” to “what can we do”–for our community, for our families, for each other. The only thing that felt “right” to do in a time like this was to start working quietly, push our Beta back, and focus on what we can do for others. 

But in our discussions, we realized that we could be doing something more than just “going dark”. We could be helping the entrepreneurs that have all of the sudden had their best laid plans rocked, the ones who have realized that they need to completely rethink their financial projections, the ones who realized that their financial projection spreadsheet was going to need to be really fluid over the next few months as we all try to figure out what comes next.

And in that, we realized that maybe we could do something helpful as SaaS Proforma. We could provide a way for you to create a truly fluid, flexible, and accurate way to manage your financial projections. Because let’s be honest–they’re the least of your worries at this point. You should be focused on your people, your communities, your families–not on updating a convoluted, confusing spreadsheet

So, we’re taking our Beta public, and offering up our financial projection software to everyone free of charge for a month. This gives you free rein of SaaS Proforma, and access to all of our educational SaaS accounting content and support resources (which we’ve baked into the platform for easy access). All we ask of you is that you remember that this is our Beta product, so give us a heads up if something is wrong and a little grace while we continue to make it the best it can be for you.

You can sign up here (we will ask for a credit card number, but rest assured you won’t be charged for your first month), or reach out to our team with any questions using the chat window in the bottom right corner of the screen. 

We’re well aware that financial projection software should be the last thing on your minds right now, and I’ll be honest in saying that we were a little hesitant doing this in fear of seeming like we’re using this uncertain time as an opportunity for business. I can promise you, we’re not. We expect nothing from you–if you sign up, realize this isn’t useful for you, and want to cancel your account before you get charged, you can do so. Each member of our team is doing their personal part to help others in this time, and we figured if SaaS Proforma could be useful to even just a few people in this time, there’s no reason to wait.

We’re in this together,
Rob, John, Jillian, and Gunnar
The SaaS Proforma Team

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